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How it Works

Power is delivered using safe, focused, beams of invisible infrared light.
Transmitters connect to a standard power source and deliver power to nearby receivers. Receivers use a miniature photovoltaic cell to convert transmitted light into electrical power.

Receivers can be embedded in mobile devices or connected into an existing charging port. Transmitters automatically identify chargeable devices and discover their power requirements. Several devices can charge at the same time. Power priority is based on power requirements, battery level and other parameters.

See Diagrams  
  • 01

    The transmitter automatically finds devices that need to be powered.

    Diagram 1
  • 02

    Once found, power is delivered with pinpoint accuracy using a safe beam of infrared light. Users do not see or feel the beam.

    Diagram 2
  • 03

    If the light beam is momentarily blocked, transmission immediately stops and resumes once the path is clean again.

    Diagram 3

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